Idea Design Studio knows that a powerful logo drives huge numbers to websites, and the same can be said about marketing your invention online.

The team at Idea Design Studio knows that websites can only be successful if they are useful, well-designed, and have appeal. Here are some top website logo designs that can give inventors ideas on their marketing.

  • Google – Probably the most popular website design, it is simple and effective. It’s fun, colorful, and prominent.


  • YouTube – This high-quality logo design is eye catching with red, white, and black and has a rounded font. The shape of the red background is friendly.


  • Amazon – The line below the word ‘amazon’ looks like a smiling mouth, inciting a friendly atmosphere, and is connecting the A to Z, indicating that everything under the sun is available on Amazon.


  • Ebay – The primary colors are very attractive and the letters are lowercase, adding some fun. All the classic design rules are followed, hinting at stability.


  • Live Journal – This blogging community has a calming logo, utilizing the color blue, and uses rounded font. The circular shape helps promote the inclusiveness of the community.


  • GoDaddy – The cartoon-like logo features a nerdy by friendly looking father with the name and slogan included. It’s easy to interpret and has been very successful.


  • Go – An attractive logo with the font and color of its parent company make Go recognizable as part of the Disney family.


  • Gamespot – The casino sign likeness of the logo helps to clear up any confusion about the company’s intent.


  • IMDb – The gold background helps to promote the company’s image of being the gold standard and the shape of the movie ticket is the perfect image.


  • Twitter – The little blue bird symbolizes freedom and speed, two things that Twitter prides itself on.


Idea Design Studio is ready to help incorporate classic graphic design into marketing material for inventors.

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