Business people and innovators understand the power of social media to connect and engage with people, reminds Idea Design Studio. Every small business or product needs a social media presence, but recognizing which platforms will be best for your idea can be tricky.

To decide which platform best suits your invention, decide what you want from social media — which will best approach your audience and which offers the capabilities you need? Most businesses can’t be amazing on every single platform, which takes significant time and resources. It’s best to choose just a few to focus on and excel at, rather than be sub par on all of them.

Here’s a summary of two of social media platforms and how they can help move brands ahead, recommended by Idea Design Studio.

Idea Design Studio Reviews Instagram 

The photo-sharing site is ideal for businesses with lots of visual representation. It allows you to set a style and build a cohesive brand identity. It’s mobile-friendly nature allows firms to take photos on the fly and edit and post them directly. You can also create hashtags for your brand to use for each post and inspire your customers to do the same.

Instagram’s main disadvantage: the only place you can put a link is on your profile page, while most people don’t go back to it after they like your page. Instagram can get you a lot of notice, but if you’re trying to sell your invention on a website it can be hard to create traffic, say the experts at Idea Design Studio.

Idea Design Studio Reviews Facebook 

Facebook is an excellent option for almost any kind of company since it engages consumers in real time. The platform lets you describe your story by posting photos, videos, and other information about the firm. Customers can ask questions, post comments, and write reviews — and, you can respond, reminds Idea Design Studio. This provides a good gauge of consumer viewpoint. If done correctly, Facebook allows you to create loyal followers and create new business leads.

Facebook’s main disadvantage: the same as its strength: it’s just so big. So many people are on Facebook, and there are so several things you can do, it’s easy to get lost in the mix-up.


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