The experts at Idea Design Studio are available to help make your visions about a new product or design vision actually come to life. These tips will help anyone out during the process, but especially during the beginning stages, known to many as the brain-storming stage.Anyone who is interested in becoming an inventor will be thrilled to discover someone who is always on their side Here is some of our best advice.


  • Asking Others For Help: Including more people in the creative process is a great way to get ideas flowing. Pick creative people you know to bounce your ideas off of, and who knows? Maybe their input will be the final piece of what you have been missing.
  • Gather A Group: The best recommendations is to have a group of people you know and trust, but others like picking at the brains of complete strangers. Either way, make sure the numbers range between at least 5 people, but no more than 12. Less than 5 might not be enough momentum, but too many might leave too much chatter and distraction to let the group focus. Make sure everyone also has a turn to speak to avoid talking over others or someone feeling left out.
  • Make some ground rules: Idea Design Studio shares that these types of meetings are always the most beneficial when there are rules in play. The first was mentioned above, make sure to come up with things that work for you, but the most important thing is making sure others don’t criticize or speak negatively about another’s idea is the most important. This way everyone will feel more open to share

Idea Design Studio shares knowing the difference between these essential steps is one of the most important parts of determining what is the best course of action is for you and your product along your invention process, so be sure to learn as much as you can.

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