Idea Design Studio knows that setting goals in all areas of life are important, particularly when working on more than one project. Professional goals are hard to decide upon and even harder to follow through on throughout the months and years ahead.

  1. Deadlines – Making goals specific, actionable, measurable and giving yourself a deadline is key. Without a deadline, things go to the bottom of the list each and every time. Adjusting the deadline is fine, because things happen, but starting with a deadline is key.
  2. Visible – Put your goals somewhere so you see them every day, multiple times a day. Considering putting them as the background on your computer or phone, adding them as a screensaver, or even scheduling them in your calendar so you get reminders.
  3. Stretch Goals – It’s comforting to set goals that you know you can attain, but stretch yourself just a little with a goal that will really push you. Don’t set unrealistic goals, or set too many goals, but work towards something that really stretches your skill set.
  4. Initiative – Make yourself set goals, even if no one forces you to. Annually, quarterly, or even monthly, set aside some time to look at your goals and reevaluate your deadlines. Make sure that you can still accomplish them within the timeline allotted, and consider what additional things you may need to do to stay on track.
  5. Personal Goals – Personal goals are important and often help us attain professional goals. Personal development leads to professional growth, so spend a little time thinking about the things you want to learn that will help with your career potential. A few examples are reading books, attending conferences, or taking a class.

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