At Idea Design Studio we have an upcoming inventor, Ebony Steele.She defines herself as, “ a creator that holds no limits or boundaries,” adding that, “In the craft of inventing there is no such thing as a ridiculous invention or something that cannot be done. Someone just has to step forth, believe in themselves and create it.”

Ms. Steele is exactly that kind of person. She believes in herself enough that she contacted Idea Design Studio, who she has been working with diligently ever since, to get her product to the market.

She says:

 “Art is another avenue where I like to express myself. There is beauty in making a canvas and having your art displayed for each viewer’s perception of what it means and what it can be used for. That’s how I came up with the concept of my invention. The first time I of thought of the idea, it didn’t reach pen and paper. It was only when I thought of the idea again, in a different way, that I said to myself, Wow! This idea serves a purpose in many different ways.”

“My idea is truly one of a kind. There is nothing else like it. It is the perfect definition of having the simplest things become even more convenient right before your eyes.”

Idea Design Studio helps inventors bring their idea to the market. Idea Design Studio is a 100% confidential invention support firm that assists inventors in the entire process to bring their new device to market for selling or licensing!  For over ten years, innovators and inventors have brought their original discoveries and concepts,  or improvements to already existing products, and our creative team has eased them to realize the full potential of their idea.  If you have an idea, contact us today and find out how to make your idea a reality and market it to the world!

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