If you love essential oils, you will want to keep a close eye on Idea Design Studio’s upcoming inventor, Mitchell Ritchot.
Ritchot, who was born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, has held many titles over the years, mostly in construction.
“But I would say I am more of an entrepreneur,” He says, adding, “I have always been able to make a buck here and there.”
His earliest experimentation with oils began with homemade BHO, which is best described as a waxy concentrated cannabis extract.

“When I was about 15-16 years old, me and some friends were making BHO oil and didn’t have enough money for a regular extractor, so I searched around this house and came upon a Gatorade bottle with a twist top mouth piece. I figured big opening, I could get it in there pretty easily. I filled it and made a hole in the bottom, lightly packed it, made a filter out of coffee screens, put the top back on and sprayed it. There was a lot of oil in the dish, more than usual. A few years down the road and many tries with the same prototype, I figured out exactly what works best. I personally think lots of small time makers will love this product because it uses less butane and you get more BHO out of it.”

He’s been working closely with Idea Design Studio on making his invention something for everyone to enjoy.
He continues, “It took a lot of time and dedication to make this product testing. All aspects were done by me with the help of Idea Design Studio and their marvelous staff.”

Idea Design Studio helps creators of all types protect their ideas and inventions, and bring them to market. Inventors who are boxed in the design stage, struggling with patent applications, or who need help with marketing of their product turn to Idea Design Studio.

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