Idea Design Studio wants to reassure all potential clients that even their crazy ideas are worth pursuing. Some of the oddest and most off-the-wall inventions have made millions. Strange, unusual, and even seemingly pointless, the following inventions have really set the world market on its tail throughout the years. Here are some of favorites:

  • Big Mouth Billy Bass
  • The Pet Rock
  • The Snuggie
  • Tamagotchi
  • Slap Bracelets
  • Yellow Smiley Faces
  • The Slinky
  • Hula Hoop
  • Beanie Babies
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • SantaMail
  • The Koosh Ball
  • Silly Putty
  • Pillow Pets


What do all of these things have in common? They certainly aren’t necessary or even helpful in life. But they are incredibly popular and have made millions of dollars. With commercials that have gone viral in markets where people spend money.

And these are long-lasting ideas. Silly Putty was first on the market in 1950 when it sold for $1 apiece and sold 250,000 units in three days. By 1976 it averaged $5 million in sales a year. Another idea from the 1940s was the Slinky. Richard James debuted this toy in 1945 and sold 400 Slinkys in 90 minutes. James has earned over $250 million since then.

Beanie Babies are another invention that has retained its value and appeal. They were once the top toy and now are a top collector’s item. H. Ty Warner sold 30,000 of them at an Atlanta toy show and then used some clever marketing to increase value by ‘retiring’ some of the models. They’ve earned Warner a minimum of $3 billion to date, says Idea Design Studio.

When Bernard and Murray Spain started a novelty store, they bought rights to the smiley face. They also bought “Have a Nice Day” to accompany it. After putting the image and words on everything imaginable, they made $50 million in sales in the first 18 months.

While others may laugh at your ideas, Idea Design Studio will stand by you and help work even the craziest of ideas into a profitable and marketable invention.

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