Idea Design Studio has a professional team standing by to help inventors, innovators, and people with an idea. Good ideas are just the first step in the process and many people need help with the next step. It’s not enough just to brainstorm, development is incredibly important.
The professionals at Idea Design Studio are prepared in several ways to help grown an idea into a product. With the correct development and marketing, a seemingly small idea can grow into the next big thing.
A professional presentation is the only way to be taken seriously when showing off a new idea. With 3-D designs and idea animation, the options are limitless.

Idea Design Studio focuses on state of the art 3-D animation when designing a presentation. They use state of the art animation technology to display the benefits of the invention as well as to demonstrate the way the product moves. Adding sound to the animation increases the professionalism of the presentation, which is key when seeking financial backers.
A recent testimonial left by Merl confirms this. “My invention was just a thought in my head back in December of 2015 and they took my idea and made it into a marketable product. Thank you, Idea Design Studio for all the hard work you have done for making my idea a reality.”

The Idea Design Studio team includes experts ready to walk inventors through the process. The plan includes team communications and a pre-sketch, followed by a grey-scale design. The process finishes with a full color and texture, realistic 3-D design. As an added bonus, all of these designs and prototypes are the property of the inventor.

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