“Idea Design Studio helped me by bringing my idea to life through the professional work from every department,” said Mary E. in a recent testimonial. “They did the job to my specifications and I am thankful for that.”

Some inventors know exactly how they would like to market their brainchild, even before they’ve drawn up the idea. Other inventors may be so focused on their project, marketing the final product becomes a secondary or even tertiary concern. And there are of course of other inventors who fall somewhere in between.

No matter where an inventor falls within this spectrum, Idea Design Studio has options to assist them with optimizing their marketing and advertising endeavors.

The industry experts at Idea Design Studio can help inventors with such tasks as product naming or logo design and creation. These elements help establish a brand for the idea or business, which is essential for establishing a professional identity and a public presence.

It may seem a small thing at first, but a logo establishes a product or business identity. It usually starts with a customized image or design, and is sometimes integrated with text or specific colors to provide an ornamental look. The design team of Idea Design Studio is able to create pieces that embody an inventor’s product or business in a way that’s both simple and catchy, memorable and subtle. The team members ensure they are communicating with the inventor throughout the process to best capture their idea.

Several clients have also gone into business for themselves with their product, and Idea Design Studio’s professional staff has also been able to help them develop a business platform with logo design, e-commerce website design and prototyping contacts. The latter can be important before moving forward too far with the business to ensure the invention works in reality, not just conceptually.

Idea Design Studio is a design firm that specializes in new product development. Jeff Weissand Marvin Powell lll, the company’s managing directors, have worked in various areas of new product development since 2001. Jeff helped launch three successful industry-related companies since 2000, while Marvin got into the industry in 2002. Since 2006, Idea Design Studio has helped inventors handle such issues as product design, product development, patenting, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing. Communications with Idea Design Studio are 100 percent confidential. To learn more, call Idea Design Studio toll-free at 888-864-1780 or visit them online at www.ideadesignstudio.com.

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